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AIO Reports and Timesheets
for Jira

Realize full potential of Jira by creating powerful reports and dashboards. Custom reports, time reporting, time entry

Custom Reports

Create insightful custom Jira reports using a simple interface with custom fields, aggregated numeric fields, Jira service desk fields, derived date and calculated fields


Take the complexity out of time entry in JIRA and make it fast and easy: enter time, assign custom attributes at worklog level and manage approvals all from one screen


Export Jira report data to excel, share your reports by publishing, save reports for future use and get automated reports delivered to your inbox

Time Management Advanced Reporting
Time Tracking Reports Ad Hoc Report Creation
Time Entry Interface List Reports
Custom Worklog Attributes Matrix Reports
Timesheet Approvals Hierarchy Reports
Productivity Charts (Bar, Line, Pie)
Saved Reports Service Desk Reporting
Personal Teams History Reporting
Export to Excel Trend Reporting
Report Subscription Integration
Access Controls Tempo Timesheets
Report and Team Sharing
Report Publishing
Dashboard Gadgets